The Secret Life of your Uterus

I’ve been teaching a fertility awareness workshop to unschooled teenagers at Not Back to School Camp for the last few years.

I first learned about sympto-thermal fertility tracking at age 30 when my sister-in-law explained it in about five minutes using the illustrations in her well-worn copy of Taking Charge of Your Fertility. Despite an otherwise excellent sex education from my parents and the public library, the information blew my mind. As I devoured the rest of the book I kept thinking, “How come nobody told me this before?”

The workshop at camp, and this zine my friend Kione Kochi and I collaborated on, is my small effort to fill that information gap for the young people with uteruses in my life. Below is the whole zine, and here is a PDF version you can print (on two double-sided sheets of paper) and share.




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