MovNat and Nutritious Movement with a Crawling Baby

Last January, I did a two week MovNat challenge on instagram with my then 9-month-old. Each day I filmed myself doing the assigned movements, with the added challenge of carrying and/or caring for my baby.

I came across MovNat through my favourite biomechanist, Katie Bowman, whose message is that we don’t get enough “movement nutrients” in our modern lifestyle and our bodies and minds are suffering for it in all kinds of fascinating ways.

MovNat is one system designed to help restore our ability to do functional movement. I felt pretty beat up after having a baby, and in need of some restorative movement. What’s more natural and functional than carrying a baby?

Katie Bowman has shared a few things about natural movement for (and with) babies, including a couple videos of her own kids (1, 2, 3), and a talk on Paleo Parenting that persuaded me to carry my baby in arms as much as possible.

For example, while doing a MovNat challenge.

Anyway. I really like how these videos turned out. Enjoy!

Trailer tour: shelves above the dining area with cards from the wedding, sonia’s felted animals and cacti

I finally tried the solar cooker today. I’d been waiting to find the perfect pot in one of the thrift stores (Cooking with Sunshine recommends thin black enamel cookware). Nothing has turned up yet, so I just went for it with my grandma’s heavy cast iron pot.

I put the quinoa in the cooker at 10 am, and pointed it at the sun. The thermometer read about 200 f. Nathen re-aimed it once or twice while I was at work. At 5 pm I pulled the pot out and the quinoa was starting to burn at the edges.

I think I used too much water and the quinoa was a little mushy – tho if I’d used less it probably would have been more burnt.

Clearly we have some refining to do, but this awesome cooking power is great news, as using the stove inside the trailer during the day is pretty unappealing.