Fabrics used: Left over scraps from napkins I sewed for my wedding, altered clothing remnants and other second hand cloth.

My Quilt

Front: Silk upholstery samples, resist-dyed Japanese door curtain, cotton/linen yardage.

Back: Thrifted linens, cotton pijama remnants and new yardage.

Sam’s Quilt



Front: Cotton upholstery samples, salvaged cotton sheet fabric.

Back: Cotton bed linen, cotton twill, table cloth with fictional map print.

Oliver’s Quilt

Front: Woven cotton samples, gingham from thrifted jumpsuit. Back: batik cloth from Urban Source in Vancouver.

Nathen’s Quilt

Front: Stash fabrics including clothing remnants, screen printed patches, a rice bag, a pair of grey linen pants, an embroidered guatemalan wallet, and some ikea yardage.

Back: Thrifted cotton/rayon polka dot yardage with cotton strips.