Oliver’s quilt, repaired and expanded.

Olivers big quilt

The centre is a quilt I made for my nephew before he was born. The colours have faded and the super soft backing fabric was starting to shred. It had been in my repair pile for so long that he had outgrown it. 

So now, the borders are new, and the whole thing has new backing fabric. The corner blocks are scraps I made from the very same fabrics, around the time I made the original quilt. I carried them for the last six years and finally found the perfect home for them. 

Because the original was hand quilted, I tied the new backing on — I wasn’t up for a second round of hand quilting, but I didn’t want to machine quilt over my original hand stitching. 

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Margo’s quilt

IMG_8306 IMG_8476

I had a baby of my own, and made her a play quilt. The only thing I don’t love about this quilt is the quick and dirty machine quilting. On the other hand, it’s done.

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Center Diamond


I made the Flying Geese quilt and was so excited by the possibilities it suggested that just went ahead and made another.


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Somos Quilt

Somos Quilt

This quilt is headed for Project Somos in Guatemala, where the kid who picks it will get to keep it for life.

The piecing started three or four years ago, as leftovers from what became Yared’s quilt. About a year ago I took my pile of scrappy squares and cut them down to 6 x 6 squares. Creating a grid tamed the chaos just enough to make me think all these colours and prints could work together.

Some of the fabric (including some liberty prints) is left over from the nine bow ties and 100 napkins I made for our wedding. There are polka dots from a dress I modified, and thrift store odds-and-ends. The borders are made of light wool and linen suiting fabric from the garment district.

I hope one day I’ll get to see a picture of the quilt with it’s new owner.

Somos detail

Somos back

Wiley’s Quilt

Holmes quilt studio

This quilt was made from recycled linen and cotton. The central stripe is made of left-overs from Nico’s quilt. The quilt was made for Jenny and Nicholas Holmes & their baby-to-be. [Edit: he’s born, and his name is Wiley!]

This kind of stripe-pieced design is called a Lazy Gal. The back uses the same fabrics in a simpler pattern.

Holmes quilt back

Nico’s quilt

This quilt was made for my friend’s new baby daughter, Nico. The solid fabric is all table linens from the thrift store in Joshua Tree. Other bits are from my stash. The central pattern is a modified Amish Star, with the top and bottom re-arranged. I think it looks like a flying turtle. Update: Nico is a year old!


Julian’s Quilt


Tumblers. Cotton and linen, machine pieced and hand quilted (Shippo Tsunagi pattern on border).