Pod Living: Brian’s Off Grid Organic Farm

From Owen Geiger’s Natural Building Blog:

“Brian is an “obsessive craftsman” who believes he can build most anything in his life. On his Oregon farm he has built, or renovated, 5 tiny structures. After being told by the county that he couldn’t erect a yurt, he built a code-approved main house “to give us a place to legally stay”.

Once the main house was built, he created several smaller structures (less than 200 square feet) on the property from 90% local materials.

When we started fixing up the trailer I figured, “If we live in it two years, it will be worth it.” It’s been almost two years already, and we’re making plans for more “pods” nearby that will make things comfortable for another “five years or so.” (By “pod” I mean a purpose-specific shelter that is either temporary and movable, or falls under California’s 120 sq. ft. accessory structure limit, therefor requiring no building permit.)

We already have a bathhouse and a secondary kitchen/pantry where we keep our fridge, freezer and dry goods, which we hope to add a sink to soon. Next up is a sleeping pod, since the trailer is cold in the winter and noisy when the wind blows. Also, more shade – over the trailer and nearby – to get us through the summers. Later we might add studios for each of us (right now I’m using an RV as a sewing studio).

I’ve been referring to all this as “pod living,” or my “inside out house” since it consists of a bunch of small units around a yard/garden. It seems like the logical evolution of the tiny house concept in a rural context, and people are doing it – this video is an awesome example – but I haven’t come across a name for it really.

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