Museum of Contemporary Craft

I engineered a three hour Amtrak layover in Portland this afternoon so that I could do a power walking tour of downtown. I stopped in at the Museum of Contemporary Craft, where to my delight Adrienne Antonson is in residence, making tomorrow’s outfit each day out of thrifted clothes and upholstery scraps. It was around 1pm and she said she hadn’t yet started tomorrow’s outfit. We talked briefly and I got some grainy photos.

Such a cool project, in line with Andrea Zittel’s uniforms and Natalie Purschwitz’s MakeShift. Adrienne is there till Sunday.

Adrienne Antonson craft fort

Craft fort

Adrienne Antonson

Adrienne in today’s outfit

Adrienne Antonson outfits

Previous outfits


Shoes sewn from mismatched upholstery sample leather

Adrienne Antonson pockets

Spare pockets at the ready

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