Dream house floor plans

Lately I have become obsessed with designing a modestly-proportioned passive solar 

house to one day build. I’ve been refining this design on and off for a month now. I really like it. At first I was drawing 2 foot straw bale exterior walls, and then I read about hemcrete so now that is my fantasy building material. Unencumbered by the particulars of any actual land, the design is guided by the principals of passive solar, as gleaned from the internet. Since it’s my dream home it will also have solar powered in-floor heating, photovoltaic panels on the roof, a composting toilet, and grey water recovery system. And in case you’re wondering, that’s a drum kit in Nathen’s office and of course an ironing board in my studio.

A friend told me that the best way to save money building a house is to buy windows that other people ordered custom that didn’t work out, so I’ve avoided getting specific about their size and placement. In general I’m thinking lots of big windows on the south side, and a few little ones everywhere else. The thick wall across the middle is thermal mass, supports the roof and has clerestory windows at the top to let heat out on summer evenings.

What is your dream house like? Where is it situated?


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  1. I like the use of a thermal mass. Far from being a dream house, my favorite Peruvian convent had thermal walls in the form of meter-thick porous white stone. Heat reflecting, yet cool inside because of lack of windows. Ceilings had openings with covers that let in natural light.

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