Alz quilts on sale

The Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative has put all their stock on sale, including the last two quilts I made for them. All proceeds go to Alzheimer’s research.

Regular price: $35. Sale: $26.25
Regular price: $55. Sale: $41.25

Quilters to Watch: Sherri Lynn Wood

This is series of posts about the contemporary quilters whose work I am excited about. I hope you can point me to others I haven’t come across yet.

Sherri Lynn Wood / Daintytime • San Francisco, CA

Sherri Lynn Wood has been making quilts since 1988, and blogging about the process since 2010. She teaches workshops, guides people through the process of making memorial quilts, and is working on a book about improvisational quilt-making, which I can’t wait to read!

Sherry Lynn Wood

Her quilts are process-oriented and her process is well documented (read more about the I Ching quilt below, and her Mood quilt on her blog). The colours in these quilts are juicy and the piecing is innovative.

She’s doing a series with Eli Leon, author of Accidentally on Purpose, which is the best book of quilting theory I’ve read.

Sherri Lynn Wood I Ching

Some of her work is available for sale on Etsy.

SherriLynnWood Wool

Quilters to Watch: Eleanor McCain

This is a series of posts about the contemporary quilters whose work I am excited about. I hope you can point me to others I haven’t come across yet.

Eleanor McCain • Shalimar, FL

Eleanor McCain is a physician who has been showing quilts since 1998. Using hand dyed fabrics and a masterful sense of color, her work is both nuanced and stunning.

Eleanor McCain

She uses traditional structures – nine patch, log cabin – to create technically challenging and surprising compositions. I would love to know more about her process and see the work up close. Some of her “basket weave” quilts (in the grid and thirteen series) boggle my mind: I can’t figure out how they could possibly have been pieced together.

Eleanor McCain Multicolour

She makes both bed- and wall-scale work: the quilt above, for example, is 13″ x 13.” See more at Eleanor McCain.

Quilters to Watch: Bosna Quilt Workstatt

I found a couple of new quilt-makers this week, and thought I’d do a series of posts to about the contemporary quilters whose work I am excited about. I hope you can point me to others I haven’t come across yet.

Bosna Quilt Workstatt • Germany

Painter Lucia Lienhard-Giesinger creates designs which are quilted, freehand, by a group of Bosnian women. The project was started in 1993 in response to the Bosnian crisis. The most recent work on the website is from 2008, but the work has shown in Germany this year.

The designs, mostly variations on large-scale log cabin and strip piecing, achieve surprising results through deft use of colour and tone. Improvisational hand quilting creates delicate, unexpected textures. 

Bosna Quilt Werkstatt
Design: Lucia Lienhard-Giesinger
Bosna Sada and Elma detail
Quilting: Sada Srna and Elma Ušanović
Piecing Lucia Lienhard-Giesinger, Quilting Elma Ušanović. 2006
Piecing Lucia Lienhard-Giesinger
Bosna Elma Detail
Quilting Elma Ušanović. 2006

See more at Bosna Quilt Workstatt.

Holmes Baby Quilt

Holmes quilt studio

Making a quilt as a gift for someone feels like a secret collaboration; thinking about that person helps to clarify colour and design choices – choices that can be much more difficult without someone specific in mind.

Our friends Jenny and Nicholas are expecting a baby in just a few weeks. Jenny is a natural medicine practitioner and Nicholas is an architect and builder, and they both work out of a lovingly-restored brick building on the corner of Highway 62 and Sunburst (The Nourishing Tree). The first time I went there I almost cried because it was so beautiful. It’s hard to explain what touched me, but it has to do with colour harmony and the deep, sparing, handmade way they are restoring the building; with sturdy wooden furniture and baskets; and with the palo verde trees, lotus agaves and bees in the garden.

Making a quilt for Nicholas and Jenny was an exciting challenge. Whether I’ve captured their aesthetic or not, I can’t say, but trying helped me.

Thank you Steve Lester for taking a studio photograph of the quilt.

Quilt for Nico

Last week I finished this quilt for Nico, a friend’s brand new, three-week-old daughter. Before giving it away, my mom and I took goofy photos in the alley.

NicoquiltalleyThe solid fabric is all table linens from the thrift store in Joshua Tree. Other bits are from my stash. The central pattern is a modified Amish Star, with the top and bottom re-arranged. I think it looks like a flying turtle, or some kind of animal totem.