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New nephew!

My mother-in-law, Darlene, and I drove down to visit the mystery Rizzo-Lester baby in Glendale yesterday. Darlene brought food to feed the new Ma & Pa, who had just got back from the hospital the day before. We spent the visit listening to the story of his birth and admiring him and the new parents. It was such an honour. His name is Julian and he was five days old.

Julian Ely & Julian Darlene & Julian Christina and Julian Julian and I


Quilt for a mystery baby

I just finished a quilt for my second niece or nephew, who is in the late stages of gestation as we speak. We drove down to Pasadena for the baby shower over the weekend.

After the shower we picked avocados and meyer lemons from the our hostess’ backyard trees and did some weeding in Ely and Christina’s backyard. It was nice to get our hands in some lush biomass for a change.